Savings Products
The Bank has a lot of attractive savings account on the market that the customer can choose from. These savings product have been designed in such a way that customers’ interest is prime with higher interest rate and other related savings features. The product range from, regular savings to three; traditional products, innovative products and Money transfer services.

Savings Account

  • Minimum initial Deposit of GH¢10.00
  • Savings passbook for account operations is supplied.
  • Savings withdrawal cheque book for withdrawal
  • Attractive borrowing interest paid quarterly

Current Account

  • Minimum initial  Deposit of GH¢10.00
  • Cash paying –in and cheque paying-in books supplied for lodgement
  • Loans and overdraft facilities available

Fixed Deposit

  • Minimum initial Deposit of GH¢20.00
  • Fixed deposit Receipts given on lodgements
  • Period ranges from 3 months to 12 months.
  • Attractive interest rate tied to money market rates paid interest on GH¢10,000.00 and above.

Susu Deposit

  • Any amount that one can contribute daily.
  • Susu passbook given for account operations.
  • No withdrawal until the end of the every month.
  • Loan facility available.

The bank offers the following loans at very competitive interest rates.

  • Personal
  • Transport
  • Agricultural
  • Funeral
  • Commercial
  • Micro-finance
  • AMAWEST EXPRESS Loan (Designed for Government workers)

Micro Finance

  • The bank runs two (2) Micro- credit schemes aimed at reducing poverty which are;
  • Adwuma Nkosuo Loan Scheme(Group based)
  • AkuafoAnidasoo (Group Based)

About us

The Amansie West Rural Bank Limited, one of the foremost formidable Rural Banks in the Ashanti Region was established and incorporated as a limited liability company under the company’s code “Act 179” of 1963 on 3rd October 1983. It was then certified to commence business within the region on 22nd October 1983.

Contact Us

  • Head Office: Antoakrom, Box 348, Bekwai, Ashanti Region
  • (+233) 0277-599442 | 020-2519957 | 050-3657262
  • [email protected]