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The Amansie West Rural Bank Limited, one of the foremost formidable Rural Banks in the Ashanti Region was established and incorporated as a limited liability company under the company’s code “Act 179” of 1963 on 3rd October 1983. It was then certified to commence business within the region on 22nd October 1983.

The Bank finds itself in one of the naturally endowed Districts in the Ashanti Region” Amansie West District” of which its name was coined as, Amansie West Rural Bank Limited.

The Bank has successfully changed its name in the records of the Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC) and the Bank of Ghana from Amansie West Rural Bank Limited to the AMANSIE RURAL BANK PLC which was approved by the Shareholders in 2020.

The idea is to associate the name to all corners and enclaves of AMANSIE without borders. The new Corporate Identity which also include a Logo, Slogan and Colours have also been officially unveiled to the public for recognition in our business relationship.

The Board and Management undertook a comprehensive plan to disseminate such information to the Shareholders, Customers and other external stakeholders of the Bank on the name change. 

All branches of the Bank have been repainted with the new colours of the Bank to signal a new page in the history of the Bank.

“To be the Centre of Excellence in Rural Banking in Ghana”

Mission Statement
“To capture the banking market in order to accrue a sizable market volume and share for our sustainable growth by being more customer friendly, upgrading the skills and competence of our human resource, introducing more attractive and well packaged product by providing a conducive operating environment and sharing our achievement with the communities within which we operate”

Corporate Values
Acclaimed professionalism
Socially Responsible

- To provide quality, effective, efficient and prompt service delivery to its client and the public at large.
- To develop and inculcate the culture of banking into the people within her catchment areas.
- To ensure customer value for savings satisfaction and retention
- To champion the course of sustainable economic growth in the financial sector and become one of the topmost rural banks in the country.
- To create an enabling environment for clients to interact with staff and management to ensure confidence in the bank.
- To secure a maximum market volume and share by 2025
- To improve the competence of our human resource through formal training, internal training, seminars, workshops etc.

Structural Formation Of The Bank
The Amansie Rural Bank PLC is accustomed to the modern organizational structure of business companies.

Board Of Directors
The Bank is under the able leadership of Board of Directors with diverse professional backgrounds and rich experiences who offer policy directions and implementation for sustainable growth and development of the Bank.

Management Team
The Management team of the Bank is made up of the high caliber and dynamic staff who combine exuberance with professional skills to service and are committed to the call of the Bank anytime. The team includes; the Chief Executive Office, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Heads – Finance, Credit, Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance, Administration & Human Resource, ICT & Digital Banking, Business Development & Relationship Banking and twelve (12) branch Managers who meet to review and evaluate operations of the bank in order to make appropriate and timely decisions and recommendations to the Board of Directors for considerations.

The bank has employed qualified and competent working staff to complement the effort of management in execution of formulated policies and directives in a bid to achieve the Bank’s objectives.

From the initial Staff of four (4), the Bank now offers employment to about One Hundred and Fifty-Seven (157) Regular Staff, One Hundred and Nineteen (119) Field Tellers, and Fifty – two (52) Security staff.

It can equally boast of eleven (11) branches and a mobilization center so far including the Head Office branch located at Antoakrom in the Amansie West District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The Bank does not compromise on her security and has an intensive security network to safeguard our customers’ welfare as well as their investment for the benefits of the parties.

About Us

The Bank has successfully changed its name in the records of the Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC) and the Bank of Ghana from Amansie West Rural Bank Limited to the AMANSIE RURAL BANK PLC which was approved by the Shareholders in 2020.

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