Amansie Rural Bank PLC outdoors new corporate cloth

Amansie Rural Bank PLC outdoors new corporate cloth

The CEO of the Bank has explained that the purpose of this new corporate identity is to enable the bank build a consistent brand for its stakeholders and the public across all the localities in which the bank operates and ultimately for improved service quality with innovative products.

The new corporate identity is serving as a resource that would enable all the bank’s stakeholders communicate consistently and maintain the corporate brand integrity.

This according to him would help to reinforce the brand promise and its identity in the minds of the bank’s customers and that of prospective ones.

The CEO has further reiterated that Management would continue to seek ways of strengthening and developing the Banks’ operations to maintain the confidence that customers and shareholders have in the Bank.

The Bank’s business model according to the CEO is still tailored for the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and would push for more market penetration as they develop new and innovative products and trusted relationships with clients of the bank.

According to him, the Bank will continue to see its strength in the area of managing the credit needs of the small and medium enterprises as well as continuing to improve upon the support the bank offers to this sector of the economy.

Amansie Rural Bank PLC recorded profit before tax of GHS 5.8million in 2021 year under as against a little over GHS5million in the previous year with deposit growing from GHS159.6million to GHS 176.2 million in the 2021 year under review.

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The Bank has successfully changed its name in the records of the Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC) and the Bank of Ghana from Amansie West Rural Bank Limited to the AMANSIE RURAL BANK PLC which was approved by the Shareholders in 2020.

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