Social Responsibilities

The Bank is very conscious of its social responsibilities and has over the years contributed immensely towards the development of the communities in which it operates. Notable amongst such contributions have been;

  • Awards of full scholarships to significant number of brilliant but needy students in secondary and tertiary institutions, some of whom have completed their courses.
  • Provided Antoakrom with street lights from generating plant before the town was connected to the national grid.
  • Giving assistance in diverse ways to the Bekwai Government Hospital, St. Martins Hospital- Agroyesum, Buruli Ulcer Camp-Tontokrom and the Amansie West and East National Health insurance Schemes.
  • Provision of street bulbs to; Nsiana, Ankam, Moseaso, MansoAtwere, Akropong and Manso Mem all in the Amansie West District.
  • Financial support for the construction of roads in the area.
  • Provision of sports kits and equipment to some schools in the area.
  • Provision of Computers and other accessories to the Amansie East District Education Directorate and National Health Insurance Secretariat at Amansie West District at Manson Nkwanta.
  • Provision of farming inputs, cash and other items to support the annual district Farmers’ Day celebration in both Amansie West and East.


The Bank though had initial teething problems have chalked a lot of successes, notable amongst them are;

  1. From one (1) office in 1983, the Bank now boasts of seven (12) branches excluding the Head Office.
  2. It has been able to put up its own Head Office building at Antoakrom and six(7) branch offices buildings at, Manso Adubia, Bekwai, Kumasi Central Market, Asem- KASS Campus, Santase - OWASS Campus and Manso Nkwanta.
  3. The Bank now has One Hundred and Fifty-four (154) regular qualified staff population, One Hundred and Thirty-one (131) Mobile Bankers and Forty –six (46) security staff after an initial staff strength of four (4) in 1983.
  4. It has contributed immensely to the socio economic growth of its catchment areas.
  5. It fulfills its corporate obligations such as, payment of corporate taxes, withholding taxes on goods and services and payment of staffs’ social security.
  6. It has enlisted as renowned member of the Ghana Club 100 of the top one- Hundred (prestigious) companies in the country.

Share Ownership Scheme

To become a shareholder, one walks to any of our branches in the Ashanti Region where our staff are ready to serve. Unit price per share is Twenty-five Ghana Pesewas (0.25Gp).

Akuafoo Anidasoo

  • Minimum initial Deposit of GH¢20.00
  • Aimed @grass cutter rearing to supplement income.
  • Savings passbook for account operation is supplied.
  • Attractive interest rate tied to money market rates paid
  • Loan facilities available

Yen Nkwadaa Daakye

  • A contract saving account for child’s education.
  • Minimum initial deposit of GH¢10.00
  • Savings passbook for account operation is supplied.
  • 12% interest within 6 months
  • Non withdrawal till child completes JHs/ for emergency reason with letter
  • Loan facilities available

Me Daakye Anidasoo

  • A contract saving account.
  • Minimum initial Deposit of GH¢10.00
  • Savings passbook for account operation is supplied.
  • Pension and Future oriented accounts (5-10 years and above)
  • 2% interest plus the interest rate tied to money market rates paid.
  • Non withdrawal till specific years of contract.
  • Partial withdrawal when saved within 2 years
  • Loan facilities available

About us

The Amansie West Rural Bank Limited, one of the foremost formidable Rural Banks in the Ashanti Region was established and incorporated as a limited liability company under the company’s code “Act 179” of 1963 on 3rd October 1983. It was then certified to commence business within the region on 22nd October 1983.

Contact Us

  • Head Office: Antoakrom, Box 348, Bekwai, Ashanti Region
  • (+233) 0277-599442 | 020-2519957 | 050-3657262
  • [email protected]